A complete line of AKM/AK47 new manufactured parts are available.

Formosan Arsenal Group Co. Ltd.

We manufacture  a variety of parts for all modern firearms.  from a simple detent, up to .50 caliber barrels.

Some of our parts we manufacture: Ar15 M16 Magazines AR15/M16 Bolt Assembly Carrier Assembly Piston system Taiwan Lower Parts Kit Lpk Gun.  All parts are proudly made in taiwan

Our M16 Lower Parts Kit are a perfect replacement for surplus USGI M16's that have seen better days throughout the world.

Our parts have been prominent among South East Asian nations, which still carry/use surplus Vietnam War era M16A1's.

Our parts will restore your M16A1 and M16A2 to factory original specifications, with a crisp 4.5lbs trigger pull.

All FCG are made out of 8620 Japanese Heat Treated Tool Steel.

Springs are all made out of 304 Stainless Steel, and are custom made in our in-house CNC Spring Machines.

631 Stainless Steel is also available, cost is slightly higher.

For customers wishing to have a lighter, or heavier trigger pull, we can customize all springs to your OEM Specifications, with an average of 1 to 2 day turnaround times.

Inquire for our MOQ.


We have an assortment of 308AR/AR10 Gen. 1 Parts, for those wishing to use a heavier caliber.

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M16 Bolt Carrier Group


Bolt Carrier 8620 Steel

Bolt Assembly 9310 (Japanese P7 Tool Steel)

BCG Heat Treated to Mil-Spec

Item #FAGC-0001 to 0009

All BCG's are available in the following coatings:

Magnesium Phosphate

Nickel Boron


Titanium Nitride

BCG's are also available in a Raw/Uncoated Heat-Treated state.  For those customers wishing to have it done themselves.

For 2019 we've added our replacement line of internal replacement parts for older *Glock® Generation 1-3 parts.

For complete list of parts, please contact our Sales Department.

AR15 Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit

Complete 31pcs Set


Hammer 8620 Steel
Trigger 8620 Steel
Disconnector 4340 Steel
Trigger Pin 4140 Steel
Bolt Catch 4340 Steel
Polymer Pistol Grip

Item #FAGC-0013

Our LPK's feature precise CNC Machining, there are no MIM or Powder Compaction Molding components.

See why we've been the world's discreet supplier of high quality LPK's.

All LPK's packaging can be customized, from heat sealed PP bags, to custom designed OEM/ODM packaging (At Cost).

LPK's are available as follows:

Complete Set 31pcs (Finishes a Stripped Lower)

They're also available without certain parts, such as FCG, Pistol Grip, or Springs (9).

With modest MOQ, inquire for a quote.

M16 mil-spec lower parts kit

Includes M16 Auto Sear


M16 Hammer 8620 Steel
M16 Trigger 8620 Steel

M16 Automatic Sear 8620 Steel
M16 Disconnector 4340 Steel

M16 Selector 8620 Steel
Trigger Pin 4140 Steel
Bolt Catch 4340 Steel
Polymer Pistol Grip

Item #FAGC-0014