".......that others may live."

-The Code of the Air Rescuemen, USAF Pararescue PJ's Creed

Plastic Injection Molding

Our customer base come from many regions of the world: Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates. 

With new growth in North America and Europe, join us, and be part of our growing manufacturing family.

Custom Manufactured Prototyping, based on 2D and 3D Solidworks, IGES, STEP File Formats.

6061-T6, 7075-T6 & Extrude Honed (Handguard/Keymod/Picanny/Custom Rails) Aluminum

Our newest acquisition, fully automated spring bending/forming CNC.  Tool die changes/programming in 1-2 hours....no molds necessary.

Founded in 2014 with a reoriented Export Goal, Formosan Arsenal strives to serve the various, and complex international needs within the Small Arms Manufacturing Communities

Formosan Arsenal Group, is a premier CNC Manufacturer, offering established Manufacturing Industry Professionals the tools, and logistical ability to integrate off-shore outsourced productions.

We pride ourselves on the quality, and craftsmanship of every little piece that leaves through our doors. 

Over 14 CNC Spring Making Machines

-No Molds Necessary

-Dies can be changed in 3-4 hours

-Send your 2D/3D files or samples, for a quote

Having fulfilled limited domestic needs, Formosan Arsenal hopes the coming year, along with an international exhibitor presence, will garner us a bit more exposure to importers worldwide.

With an array of CNC Machining Centers, we're able to offer Turning and Milling Operations. 

Our CNC equipment can turn parts as small as 0.08" of an inch, and up to 8" in diameter with tolerances of ± 0.0002" inch. Milled parts can be as small as 0.16" x 0.16" inch with tolerances ± 0.0005" inch.

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